About Us

• It is only through our clients that Rahat Securities Limited is a leading brokerage house based in Lahore, Pakistan and it is a valuable member of the Lahore Stock Exchange, the Second largest Exchange in Pakistan. Rahat Securities Limited, a leading full service brokerage house and since its inception, Rahat Securities Limited has always endeavored to match excellence. We are a forward-looking company and well aware of the enormous impact of globalization and technological advancement in the Stocks. We are continuously striving to avail emerging opportunities in the ever changing world of Stock Market. At Rahat Securities Limited, we believe in quality service to our valuable clients. It not only provides the necessary depth to the execution of our transactions but also enables us to build long-term relationships with our distinguished clients.

Our Objectives Are

• First and Foremost objective is to seek pleasure of Almighty GOD through servicing our client in transparent way.
• To run the brokerage house with professional competence.
• To be totally customer oriented and to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.
• To seek long-term business relation.


• We pride ourselves on our in-depth and true understanding of our client's problems & complete solutions. Our most valuable asset and key strength is our professional staff. We are equipped with a team of competent professionals and experienced staff. Now all the experience and knowledge are for our clients. We pride ourselves on true understanding of our client's problems and complete solutions and continue to get well.

Our Research

• Our Research looks at market and Company specific Report to keep up-to-date and to enhance the performance of our clients portfolios. We try to help our clients clearly identify suitable investment opportunities.
To improve our service and to enhance our business we need your innovative comments or suggestion time to time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


• We have modernized our trading system with present-day tools that have made trading decisions much faster, convenient and effective.

ARBITRAGE (Ready-Future)